Margaretha P Elfstrand Biography

Visual Artist, living and working in Sweden. 🇸🇪🇫🇷🇦🇹🇮🇹🇨🇭🇬🇧🇪🇸

I have participated in various Collections of Exhibitions, separate Exhibitions and different constructors Art round in Sweden and in Europe.


My form of expression is to same extent abstract.

I want to give the viewer the opportunity to enter my paintings as well as provie the opportunity for empathy and reflection.

 I get inspiration from Nature and the envirment, experiences and inner reflecion

give a glimpse of my paintings.



Represented at Region Östergötland, University Hospital, Linköping Sweden 2020 🇸🇪

Represented at Region Kalmar KF, Sweden 2021 🇸🇪

Represented by Context Art Gallery, Italy 2021,2022. 🇫🇷

Represented by Gallery Steiner Vienna, Austria 2021 



International Prize, ”ARTIST of the Year 2019” Mantua Italy 2019

Certifica l’Artista Margaretha Pettersson Elfstrand, On tour London.Art Expertise, Italy  2019.

”Awarding of the international Prize CARRAVAGO-Great Master of Art”

Milano, Italy. 2018

Awards / Scholarships municipality of Mjölby municipality Culture fellow, 

Sweden 2018




🇫🇷 contex Art Gallery Italy 2021, 2022.

 🇸🇪 Vetlanda  Art Association, Individual Exhibition, Sweden 28/8- 19/9  2021. 

🇦🇹 Gallery Steiner, Wien,  exhibition 16/8-11/9 2021

🇸🇪Arboga Art Association, Individual Exhibition, Sweden  20/11- 4/12 .2021✨

🇸🇪 Mjölby Art Road 20/8-22/8 2021




Gallery Steiner Wien 16/8- 11/9 2021

Represented by Contex Art Gallery, Italy 2021,2022.✨

ON TOUR- MARBELLA, Spain,  2020 juried ✨

Innsbruck International Contemporary Art Fair ,2020 Austria juried✨

GALLERIA MERLINO, Florence, Italy 2019


11 Biennale Internazionale D’arte Contemporanea Della Brianza  2019

Lake Como, Italy Juried ✨

International Contemporary Art Fair of Paris,  Carrousel du Louvre,  Paris, France 2019. Juried✨

On Tour Cannes, L’ Artistes du Monde,  Cannes, France 2019 juried✨

3 Biennale  Internazionale D’Arte Contemporenea Della Versilia  2019 Italy. Juried✨

INTERNATIONAL FINE ART, BIENNALE , Basel Schweiz, 2019 juried✨

INTERNATIONAL Prize” Artist of the year 2019” Mantua, Italy 2019 juried✨

LONDON on tour. The Royal Opera Arcade Gallery( ROA) London, 2019 juried✨

INTERNATIONAL ART EXHIBITION, Galleria De Marchi,Bologna,Italy 2019juried✨

INTERNATIONAL ART FAIR, in Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, France, 2018 juried✨

CARRVAGGIO, Milano, Italy 2018 juried✨



Gallery My Art Factory, Kårehamn Öland, Sweden 2021

Gallery Steiner, Wien Österrike 2021

Gallery Vetlanda KF, Vetlanda Sweden 2021

Arboga Gallery KF, Sweden 2021 

Artportable   Showroom,  Stockholm, Sweden , 2019

Skänninge Hotel, Skänninge,Sweden 2019

Gallery Englesson, Göteborg,Sweden 2019

Gallery Sladdergatan 16, Ystad, Sweden  2018

Skånes Fria Art round, Kävlinge, Sweden 2017

Mjölby Art round, Mjölby , Sweden 2017, 2019, 2020,2021,

Norra Vätterns Art round,Motala, Sweden 2017,2018, 2019,2021

Gallery Forum, Liljeholmens Art School,Sweden,2016

Medevi Brunn, Motala,Sweden 1998,1999

Gallery Corner, Mjölby library, Mjölby, Sweden 1990

Gallery, Mantorp library, Mantorp,Sweden 1999

Gallery, Skänninge library, Skänninge, Sweden 1999



Vetlanda konstförening, Sweden  2021

Sommarsalong Galleri  Stenhallen, Borghamn, Öland 23/7-5/8 2021

  Galleri K-Ringen, Motala, Sweden 2020

✨Juried exhibition ”under same roof” Gallery Sander, NP33,  Östergötlands KF Norrköping,Sweden 2019

 Östgöta kulturförening, ”Gallery Night”   Norrköping, Sweden 2019

Skänninge Hotel,Skänninge Wintersalon, Sweden 2019

Skänninge hotel, Skänninge, Sweden 2018

Gallery Sladdergatan 16,Ystad, Sweden 2018

Gallery Upsala 1810,, Uppsala, Sweden 2018

Gallery Mango Art, Exhibition with the Swedish artist Association,SK,

Stockholm, Sweden 2017

Gallery Sladdergatan 16, Ystad, Sweden, 2017, " Autum salon"

✨Juried Skånes Fria Art round, Helsingborg,Sweden 2017

Norra Vätterns " Autum salon" Gallery K-ringen, Motala, Sweden 2016, 2017,2020

and Gallery Sjöängen, Askersund, Sweden 2016, 2017,2020

Mjölby Art round, Gallery Kraftverket, Mjölby, Sweden 2017,2019,2020,2021

Norra Vätterns Art round, Motala Art hall, Sweden 2017, 2018,2019/ K-ringen 2021

Norra Vätterns Art round, Askersund Art hall, Sweden 2017, 2018,2019,2021

Gallery Forum, Liljeholmens Art School, Sweden,2015, 2016, 2017

Vadstena  Art Gallery, Vadstena, Sweden 2016, 2017

Gallery Kisa library, Liljeholmens Art School, Sweden 2016, 2017

Gallery Vända sida, Liljeholmens Art School, Linköpings library, Sweden 2017

various collectiv Exhibitions in course activites 1992-2001



Liljeholmens Artschool, Sweden Artistic education 2015-2017.

Gerleborgs School, Sweden

Vedic Art, Course at Öland, Sweden 2006, djuring Curt Lällmans management.

Vedic Art, Sweden 2018, Medevi, djuring Nina Jacucci.

Some creator djuring the years 1992-2006 with a number of Swedish renowed artists.

Heigher education and university in special education and per- School education.


Artistic work assignments and public 

Installation Wheeling light Mjölby municipality  Sweden  2020

 Figurinas  storfront, Mjölby, Sweden 2016


Jury assessed work in landscape painting

✨Liljeholmens Art School, Sweden 2015, 2016


Member of the Swedish artists Association, SK

Member of Swedish SVK

Member of Swedish Copyright law. BUS 


Sweden 12 08  2021

Margaretha P Elfstrand